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Doing more things that make me happy.

I have decided to do more things that make me happy. I have a tendency to turn into a big ball of stress when things start to get overwhelming (although you’d never know it since the stress only shows when I’m AT HOME)…and the last few weeks have definitely been a bit taxing. Sooooo to celebrate my big hairy grad school decision, I’ve been making a more conscious effort to enjoy myself.

I scheduled my first laser hair removal appointment. I still suspect that having my underarm hair lasered will be less painful than having the cement from my braces polished off my teeth. I will of course report back later with the official verdict.

Last Friday I went for a tattoo consultation. I don’t want to say too much just yet since I won’t be getting inked until August at the earliest, but I am really excited. I will say that it’s going to be big, and it’s going to be awesome. I’ve started a pinboard on Pinterest to collect some of my tattoo inspiration. Here’s a taste:

Tattoo Inspiration
Tattoo Inspiration

Also on Friday, I got fitted for skates by the lovely Bonnie Thunders and ordered my new skates online approximately 3 days later because Lord knows I couldn’t actually wait until July. I mean, I should break them in before RollerCon, right? Right. They should be here on Wednesday and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

I had some unexpected days off this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) and I decided to make the most of them. On Monday evening I went out for sushi with Liz and then the two of us went to a play reading in the East Village. Somehow it was my first time exploring the East Village, and there is still so much of the city to explore. I feel like you would need to be both rich AND unemployed in order to really take advantage of everything NYC has to offer. I enjoyed a lovely day with Nigel and Sharon in Central Park on Tuesday, including some delightful macarons (and a gourmet dog treat for Nigel) from Bouchon Bakery. I hope it’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung.

This weekend Corner and I are riding in the Five Boro Bike Tour. It’s going to be a blast! Cross your fingers for good weather.