Purple Sneakers Body Wrapper

Kristen is in a relationship with wedding planning and it’s complicated.

I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by providing you with a brief wedding planning update:

  • Venue is booked
  • Photographer is booked
  • Photobooth is booked
  • DJ is booked
  • Wedding dress has been purchased
  • Bridesmaid dresses have been purchased
  • Hair appointments have been scheduled

I also started designing our invitations. These will also be used as a starting point for our other paper goods (save the dates, menus, etc.). I will need some feedback at some point during this process, so let me know if you’d like to help! We still have lots of decor and other DIY projects to get started on…*sigh*

In other news, training with GGRD is going really well. The draft happens in just two weeks; at that point, I will be placed on one of the four home teams (Brooklyn Bombshells, Queens of Pain, Bronx Gridlock, or Manhattan Mayhem). That means my first bout will happen in a month or two. SO EXCITING!

Also, my derby name is officially being submitted to the registry (this is BIG NEWS as it has taken me SO LONG to get to this point)! I will officially be Byers Remorse of Gotham Girls Roller Derby, and my number will be 13% APR.