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May Stitch Fix (Fix #1)

On Wednesday I received my first Stitch Fix box! My friend Leah has been receiving them for awhile now. I was finally convinced to try it out when my coworker received her first box and the styles were her to a tee (and her style is NOTHING like Leah’s). I decided to take a chance that they might actually be able to nail my style, too.

Here’s what was in my first box:

StitchFix style card
StitchFix style card

Collective Concepts Wintor Leopard Print Cross-Front Blouse

Wintor Leopard Print Cross-Front Blouse
Collective Concepts: Wintor Leopard Print Cross-Front Blouse

I was not immediately won over by this blouse. I think it looks like I am wearing a scarf. I do like the pattern of the fabric though, and Corner and Kathy were both adamant that I should keep it…so it stays.

Collective Concepts Christie Cross-Front Ruffle Detail Tank

Christie Cross-Front Ruffle Detail Tank
Collective Concepts: Christie Cross-Front Ruffle Detail Tank
Christie Cross-Front Ruffle Detail Tank
Collective Concepts: Christie Cross-Front Ruffle Detail Tank

I really liked the hot pink color of this shirt (the selfie shows the color much better, which is why I included it). The styling of the straps really showed off my shoulders and arms. I was uncertain what kind of bra I would wear with it though (I’m actually wearing a sports bra for the pics!). The top was also very sheer and crossed over in the front in kind of a gape-y way. Corner said it looked like maternity wear, which convinced me to send it back.

Sanctuary Rimini Striped Knit Jacket

Rimini Striped Knit Jacket
Sanctuary: Rimini Striped Knit Jacket

I actually really, REALLY liked this jacket. I loved the moto style combined with the pastel colors. The material was very soft, almost jersey-like, and the fit in the shoulders was perfect. The arm length was also spot on. However, I have broader shoulders and the jacket was way too big around the waist — I probably would have needed to take it in nearly 2″ on each side. I pinned it back for taking photos. Really wish this piece had worked out.

SOLD Design Lab Jax Moto Detail Denim Pull on Pant

Jax Moto Detail Denim Pull On Pant
SOLD Design Lab: Jax Moto Detail Denim Pull On Pant

These jeans were almost a hit. The denim felt thick and expensive. They were a near perfect fit and I really like the detailing above the knees. (My right knee is still swollen post-surgery — the spandex of the stretchy denim acted like compression fabric and felt so good!) I almost kept them because they’re so comfortable, but the lack of back pockets is a deal breaker for me. Shows off the butt too much for my liking. I’d be curious to try this brand in the future but seek out a pair with pockets.

Kris Nations Baxter Geo Leaf Necklace

Baxter Geo Leaf Necklace
Kris Nations: Baxter Geo Leaf Necklace

This necklace was adorable. It was very light and dainty, and I could see myself wearing it with a variety of outfits. It was a little pricey though, and it was so dainty I was actually afraid I might break it (I tend to do that with jewelry, especially necklaces).

Keep: 1
Return: 4

So did Stitch Fix nail my style? Kind of. I probably would not have picked out any of these pieces for myself, so I’m glad I got the opportunity to try on some new looks. I signed up to receive another box in July, so hopefully with a little refinement more of the items in the next box will be keepers!