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Another Budget Bytes success: skillet cheeseburger pasta

This week we tried a new recipe courtesy of one of my favorite cooking blogs, Budget Bytes. The temps are finally falling and I have been craving comfort foods lately. Pasta to the rescue!

Skillet Cheeseburger Pasta

This recipe *did* taste like homemade Hamburger Helper. (For those of you who enjoy reading about my misadventures in the kitchen, did you know that I was once unaware that you had to add your own ground beef to Hamburger Helper? Yep, I thought it came with dehydrated meat in it or something.)

Spoiler: the secret ingredient in this recipe is hot dog relish. Strangely enough, we already had a small jar of it in our refrigerator. I do NOT like relish on my hot dogs, so I have NO idea why we had it floating around. It tastes good in this recipe though!

We doubled the original recipe because it was easier to buy and use a full box of pasta noodles, one pound of ground beef, etc. Doubling the recipe resulted in a ton of food though, so we froze a few portions for later.

Here’s a picture of my skillet cheeseburger pasta (actually, this was Corner’s bowl because I had already started eating mine before I remembered I wanted to take a photo):

Skillet cheeseburger pasta

I’m off to find a hot beverage. Happy November!